Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gay Vermont

Vermont , The Green Mountain State. A rich pride in work and liberty embody this small state. Today is your day.

The Lesbian Grandmothers is a support group for older Lesbians. A lot is not listed on the site so if your interested e-mail the organizer.

The AIDS Project of Southern Vermont is a wonderful resource for testing and people living with HIV/AIDS. Check them out.

Outright Vermont is an organization dedicated to education, support, and advocacy. They also offer free HIV testing and run a crisis hotline.

The University of Vermont hs two organizations. The first is their LGBTQA Center. They have a great many resources and services listed. The second site is Free 2 Be. They are student run and focused on support. social events,  and advocacy.

Pride Vermont seems to be a social/support group. They don't list much online but may have more depth. If anyone can tell me more please do so.

RU12 is a LGBTQ Community Center. They have extensive links and resources. Everything from social events to educational and support services are some things they make available. Check them out.

Middlebury College has the Open Queer Alliance. Like most gay-straight alliances they offer education, support, social events, and advocacy.

Love is Never Wrong

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