Monday, December 13, 2010

Gay Oklahoma

Oklahoma the Sooner State. Rich in a diverse people and part of the great Plains. Today is your day.

The University of Central Oklahoma has their Gay Alliance for Tolerance and Equality (GATE). It is student led and their mission statement states they offer support, education, advocacy, and social events. They have no information online so you will have to contact them for more info.

The Center is located in Enid. They are still building their website but they list a lot of services that can be of use. Please check them out if you need something.

Oklahoma City Pride is a social event striving to offer support, education, and community awareness. It's good to socialize with other who share our struggle in life. Volunteer opportunities are available.

Oklahoma city Lesbian Moms is a support group on Yahoo.

Ponca City pride is a facebook support group. Not much information is online.!/pages/Ponca-City-Pride/107011506031217?v=info

Oklahomans for Equality is a multi-tier group. They are a community center, support group, social event, and advocacy group all rolled into one.

The Equality Network is an advocacy group.

The Oklahoma Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus is an advocacy group.

PFLAG has chapters in Norman and Tulsa. Both have minimal online information but PFLAG groups usually have much more not listed. If you need something please contact them.

The Rainbow Youth Alliance Network (RYAN) is in the style of a gay-straight alliance. They focus on youth no matter what school they attend.

Oklahoma City has Youth United. They are a fairly new group and still forming so information is limited. What I do see however is very encouraging  and I wish them success. They do have some good links.

Oklahoma City Community College has a gay-straight alliance.  They offer support, education, advocacy and social events.

The University of Oklahoma has GLBTF. It is a gay-straight alliance. They have some basic resource online.

Cameron University has PRIDE. It offers education, support, and some advocacy.

Enid has its GLBT group. They seem to be part of the greater PFLAG organization. They nicely break down topics of interest. Check them out.

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