Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's a Miscellaneous Day

No them from me today just some random sites to help. Everyone needs a little chaos now and then.

The LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education is a group of College and University presidents dedicated to mentoring and improving LGBT issues. They are still new so give them time to develop and check in.

Sexualiti Merdeka pride festival in Malaysia. They seek to educate, support, advocate, and raise community awareness through their annual festival.

FordhamOUTLaws is a LGBT student group from the Fordham Law School. It is in blog style. They seem to offer support and social events.

The Lesbian Lifestyle is a collection of stories from Lesbians. Take a look at life through that perspective. Love, hate, religion, and much more it certainly doesn't get routine. Check them out.

Love is Never Wrong

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