Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Movie Night

With the nights getting colder we all need to snuggle in. So today I want to offer some short films to entertain and enlighten. Grab your popcorn or favorite snack, some tissues and settle in.

Our first film is Holocaust by Matthew Brown. It's a powerful and moving short. We sometimes forget to have been homosexual under Nazi occupation also meant you were sent to the camps. It is after all how we came to have the upside down pink triangle. This tribute is beautiful and sad.

Next on our list is O Beautiful by Alan Brown. It is the story of gay bashing, self hate, and penance. I think it will touch us all. There are four parts. Pt. 1 has brief nudity so you will have to sign in to view it.

Our final short for today is Davy and Stu. Its a sweet love story with and excellent backdrop and story. Always end on the positive I say.

Love is Never Wrong

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