Monday, December 20, 2010

Gay Alabama

Alabama the Heart of Dixie. Today is your day.

PFLAG has chapters in Huntsville, Florence/Shoals, and Birmingham. The first two are only listings from the national PFLAG site. The Birmingham site has nice resources and is easily navigated. Check them out if you need anything.

The Port City Men's Chorus is open to Gay men and their supporters. Join in or go enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Mobile Alabama Pride offers social events, support, and tries to raise community awareness. Go, have fun, and meet new people.

Equality Alabama is an advocacy group.

The Alabama Gender Alliance is focused toward support for the Trans community and their friends and family. Probably one of the more inclusive sites I've found like this so far. They have little direct information listed but there are links to their other sites.

Central Alabama Pride is a social event. The site is a bit aged but there may still be something of use. If someone has more information on this group please forward it to me.

Auburn has Spectrum. It is a gay-straight alliance. Poorly maintained site.

Birmingham-Southern has Allies. This is a gay-straight alliance.They have decent links to resources and links to their other sites.

The University of Alabama Birmingham has the Gay/Straight Student Alliance. They offer education, support, social events, and some advocacy. They have news blurbs of note but few online resources.

The University of Southern Alabama has GLBT Alliance. They have education and support resources, social events and do some advocacy.

The GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services is a sort of online community center. Basic resources are listed as well as local links. Volunteer opportunities are available.

The University of Alabama has Spectrum. It is a gay-straight alliance. They offer many basic resources, support, and advocacy.

The Birmingham Alliance of gay, Straight, and lesbian Youth is a Facebook support group for high school  and college aged youth in the Birmingham area.

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