Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gay Alaska II

By request I am listing more Alaska resources. I must admit they are difficult to find.

The Family is a Myspace site for the University of Alaska. It is mainly focused for support.

TransAlaska Pipeline is a social and support site for the Transgendered community. They seem to have a lot of information available. Many links are also listed.

The Imperial Court of All Alaska is sort of a mentoring and sponsorship group. I must admit they need to define themselves a bit more on mission. However they do offer scholarships, social functions and some links.

The Southeast Gay and Lesbian Alliance (SEAGLA) is a support and advocacy organization for the southeast of the state. They have a variety of links and resources.

Bent Alaska is a news and events blog from the Alaskan viewpoint.

The Alaskan AIDS Association offer many sexual health educational resources and links.

The Matsu LGBT Community Center. Their blog tells little about their services but support and social events are announced in the posts. Contact them for more information.

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  1. Thank you so much! Mega electric hugs!

  2. Your very welcome! That's what I'm here for. :)