Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Expectations of Love

Let's talk about love. In our community it is such a precious thing. For some of us it is a thing we search our whole lives for. Some, ever so sadly, never get any. Many of us cling to whatever we can get ever hoping. We are not wrong in our search but we may be in our expectations.

Love is a delicate dance, like fine lace blowing in the wind, it dazzles and soars. Its beauty leaves us in utter heights. We fall in love with an image or expectation. We seek to fulfill what we don't have ourselves.

One thing I can tell you is love is rarely an expectation. It is a wild embrace of souls, giving and taking. It is an exploration of the unknown and the joys at what you find. At times it is an inferno about to explode and others it a pleasant day. So what is it we seek?

Our search is not for completion, beauty, or an end to loneliness. It is the ability to embrace in harmony knowing you are always safe and supported. You are accepted how you are and loved for every quirk and imperfection.

Forget what the movies tell you. Forget the tips of magazines. Forget all the romance novels. Love is not a single picture, model, or quest. Love is your union. Nothing more. I know it sounds simple but you should know when you put expectation on love you are usually disappointed.

There are only three things that come with true love. Those are trust, friendship, and mutual adoration. So wipe away misty eyes and see what is before you. Appreciate what is before you. Explore what is before you. Who knows you may find the greatest joy of your life.

Stay away from the dark places that deceive the heart. Never sacrifice or give up a part of yourself unless it feels right. To many times we succumb to lust in the hopes of love. Don't get me wrong free love is fine if that is you. But don't mistake lust for love.

When you find love nurture it. It will rarely be all consuming. Most of the time it will be a pleasant existence, a comfort. Love is not perfect. If it falters tend to it. Forgive a fight. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Most importantly help them without expectation.

You should also know love can change. There may be a point when your union no longer works, even with diligent attention to its care. That is ok. It may hurt and you may not want it to happen but you must love. If that means letting them go, then do.

Sometimes love is about putting the other first. And it is most certainly best to let go in love. Fighting and arguing over what we can not control is futile and only hurts our soul more than if we accepted the tears of the parting.

Love with passion. Love with all your heart. Love with compassion. It is the thing that makes the heart sing. And when you press your ear to the heart of your love you hear that song that is only for you.

Love is Never Wrong!

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