Friday, September 25, 2015

Life is beautiful

Have you ever stopped and looked around you. Have you seen something so inspiring it instantly made you feel good? Have you been touched and felt alive? Have you been lost in a moment so rare time its self stopped as you were in different world?

Beauty, as they say, may be in the minds eye but it is also in our hearts. Be it a slow cup of coffee as birds sing of mornings arrival or sitting in a stadium watching the perfect game. Beauty is all around us.

Anything or anyone who can make you feel good, inspire you, or foster a sense beyond you has given you a precious gift. That gift is the blessings of a happy life. Even in the darkest sorrow the simplest of things can be salvation.

We are not perfect beings and should never try to be. We should strive to be good ones. We should strive for beauty. Gaze at that view. Breathe that sweet air. Laugh at that silly joke. Hold anothers hand. Smile for beauty is all around and it is most certainly in you.

If you think about it beauty is the expression of love. If you have beauty inside you then you also surely have love. And even just a sliver of love is a golden life. For it is the thing we build worlds upon.

This world has much pain, anger, and ugliness but it is not the only view. See that which is around you. Build the things of your dreams. Hope for tomorrow. Because life is beautiful.

And so are you!

Love is Never Wrong!

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