Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Breaking Free

You know I sometimes wonder if people truly know the level of hate leveled at the LGBT community. Do they truly understand the bitter rage they unleash upon us? Do they understand the cruelty they so casually put forth?

In my life I can not tell you how many times I hear gay jokes, blatant hate and threats to hurt or kill anyone who is gay. I have seen people so enraged that they could kill. All because I exist. Nothing more, just my existence.

I've had a  minister vandalize my property simply because he thought I was gay. I didn't even know him. Politicians, new anchors, and religious leaders have called for my imprisonment or death.

Where I live I can be fired from a job simply for who I am. I can be tossed out of my apartment simply for being who I am. I can be denied services ever so subtly because of who I am.

I must at all times be aware of where I am and who is around. I can not hold hands or give a loved one a kiss without great threat of physical harm.

Religious groups can safely form groups and yell obscenities, protest, at sacred Human times like funerals, marriages... That is not religious liberty, that is cruelty.

There are people who think they have the right to take my rights away. They think my rights should be voted on. Simply because they don't see me as Human.

Ironic a society so believing in freedom and justice can so easily place chains upon me, can judge me, and can so easily threaten my very life.

When did I stop being Human? When did I stop being a citizen? What did I do so horrible to deserve such hate? What did I do to deserve such cruelty?

As a person of faith I am here and ready to forgive. I am ready to talk. I am ready to teach you I am none of what you say. I am no threat. And in spite of what some may say I don't wish to condemn or take your rights away. I only want mine.

If you really wish to make your world of hate and intolerance let me offer you some advice. I have seen it and felt it. It will consume you. It will eventually turn on you. It will destroy your soul. And when you have been sufficiently broken it will kill you.

Please love! Love yourself, love others, and act only in love. Life is sacred. People are sacred.

Love is Never Wrong!

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