Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What is Pride?

The other day while with an old friend I heard something utter from his lips that made me stop in heavy sigh. He didn't approve of the outlandish displays at Pride festivals and parades. Like many people he thought it was to much in his face.

Taking a breath I began to explain. For most people who go to pride it may they only time they can surround themselves with people who are like them, won't judge them, won't hurt them, and will support them.

Imagine living all your life having to conform or suppress personal expression or flair. Having to always edit ones self for the sake of security. Always someone somewhere is saying something bad about you. And in some cases if you don't act straight enough you may end up dead.

Now imagine once a year you have the chance to go to an event where  you can be you and are encouraged to. Imagine you will be praised and accepted. Imagine the freedom that entails. The joy the heart feels. To be you and love.

If you have never lived in the shadow of oppression it is difficult to relay every detail that hampers life and the the souls wonderful song. But the one sure thing it is a liberation of the Human spirit. People may go overboard or to extremes but for that moment the soul soars, peace transcends, and love fills the air.

There are no extremes in a life that gets set free so rarely. Is it in anyone's face? Yes if you choose to look. But is that bad? If you choose to look then do so. See the people, see their joy, see their freedom, and see their story.

Pride is exactly what it says. It is pride in one's self, those who struggle with you, and the love that all to often is silenced. Anyone who does not harm another and seeks love should be filled with pride.

So as I told my friend Pride is the love we get so rarely or any place else. And that is a joyous thing.

Love is Never Wrong!

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