Thursday, September 24, 2015


Freedom is such an elusive dream for so many. Even those with all the power seem to see themselves as needing more. It is the dream of all our souls to be who we are, free of fear and persecution. We strive to have open exchange and self determination. We desire free will.

It has always been our dream to be free. But in the the shadows, illusions, and abuses of others we have forgotten we are already free. Freedom does not come from the outside. It is in you. You have the power to be you at all times. You have the right to choose.

Now with this freedom we may encounter those who seek to lash us to their will and punish us for not following their vision. But as I have said before you can only be you, no one else. Your mind, your soul, and your very life are your own.

I can't promise you others won't try to hurt you or not allow you to do what they fear or do not want but I can tell you freedom is within you. You only have to choose to release it. Whoever you are, whatever you want, and whatever you believe are always yours.

Maybe we should listen to our own hearts and be true to them and ourselves. Maybe we should extend love instead of caution and pain all those around us have shown us. Maybe we should allow others to be free.

We are all Human. We are all equal. We are free!

Love is Never Wrong

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