Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Trans Dilemma

Lately I have been sad at mounting reports of trans women being murdered. They are beaten, denied basic Human services, and treated as a disease in some cases. Be it fear, hatred, the unknown whatever reason has crashed many lives.

I know many people have a difficult time understanding the extremes, if you will, that trans people go through to become who they feel they should be. Maybe part of that is our own communities fault as well for not teaching the conflicts and struggles the T in our group has to endure and figure out.

Most of us in life struggle just figuring out who we are or who we are attracted to. A person who is trans has an additional problem of being the wrong gender. Imagine everything about you is a woman. Your thoughts, attractions, desire for clothing...but you are a man in gender.

That is a struggle I wish no one had. The constant reminder of the wrong anatomy, looking into the mirror not to see you but a sculpture of someone else built around the soul that is you.  Trying to discover you and who you belong with but again your gender is not matching who you are. If we add in societies reactions it is enough to make anyone want to run and hide.

The problem is people fear and hate what they don't know. They encounter a person and see only the unknown in the minds. I know over the years I've heard many gasp at the concept of wanting to remove anatomy and add something else. They gasp because they have no basis of comparison, so they think. They see only an outcome not a process of getting there.

The first thing we should all remember is your looking at another person. They are flesh and blood like you. They love, cry, and feel just like you. They struggled to figure who they were, just like you. They think long and hard about every step they do. They are mothers, fathers, children, and loved ones.

The journey of anyone in life is a difficult trek through the unknown. It's a personal one. The one thing we all share is love. We love ourselves, others, and life. When any of those falter we become accomplices to a horrible crime. We have hurt another soul. We have caused pain, tears, or blood to be shed.

If I may suggest a pause when you meet anyone in life. Breathe and embrace the unknown. Ask about another's journey in life. Share your own. If you don't know, please ask. It does not matter if you agree with another or like their choices but it does matter how you treat a person. It matters that you show love and compassion. It matters that give them respect.

Quite simply life is love. And the greatest love you can extend is the sure knowledge everyone is different, equal, and deserving of respect. So please love everyone you meet in life because we are all Human and connected. We are expression of our souls. It's up to you whether you fill it with love or hate.

Love is Never Wrong!

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