Wednesday, September 16, 2015


All to much in life people seek to control everything and everyone around them. Some may have good intentions and others not so. In their rush to further their goals they forget the Human spirit.
They forget free will.

We all are unique and beautiful creations. We have our own joys, pleasures, and sorrows. We are the sum of every action, event, and choice we have every experienced. We are precious spirits dancing on a galactic sphere.

That seems to be the issue with those seeking control. They are so sure of their desires or goals that they wish to deny free will to others. They seek to manipulate events, places, and hearts. They force what is not their right.

In my life I have known many who have played the role of master. In my naive youth I dabbled myself, ever so sure I could change hearts and minds. But I was wrong. I can not control what is not mine.

If I'm lucky in life, however, I can touch and influence those who are open. I can be there for those who need me. I can love without expectation of return. I can hope my example, my path, and my love can matter in at least one life.

Our community knows all to well the directors of control. They seek to hinder that which does not belong to them and their views. And what they can not get they surely devalue and destroy.

There is a wonderful secret all these manipulators do not know. Our heart, our love, and our very minds are our own. No one can control what we do not allow. It may take time for us to realize that but it is true.

Time and place has no bearing on the soul. We laugh, we cry, and we love. I know to some this sounds naive or unrealistic but is it? If we do not hold love in our hearts love dies. And when loves dies we are left with a cold, barren, hell.

So to the deceivers, manipulators, dictators, and crusaders I say the soul is forever and try as you might, control is not. People learn, love, and awaken. The more you seek the more the multitude rises. And one day with one voice they will banish your kind for all time.

So dance your dance and try your trade for you are the path to your own end. Love is the liberation that will shine in the forever time.

Love is Never Wrong!

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