Thursday, September 17, 2015

Becoming Change

I'd like to talk today about change. Change is a sore point for many. They fear it or resist it. Be it greed, pain, or the unknown the reason is irrelevant. What matters most is the path we seek.

Our community has many issues but one at its heart is the approach to change. All to often it is the few or the one left to drive the way forward. They struggle, they ache, they cry, and they die to make the world a better place.

Some bear loads so heavy and cruel. They do their time hoping and praying it matters and changes lives. They are forced to be martyrs, whipping posts, and the tortured. All in the name of love. Love for themselves and others, desperately trying to make life better.

So here we are. Time to choose. I and many others have stepped forward. We have shown you the way. We have taught you the way. Now it is your time to choose.

Do you continue your path or do you become the change the world needs. Do you become the change you wish life to be? No one or few can do it all. You must be a part of this. Because if you can not, change will never come.

No more lies, excuses, no more pushing it off onto others. Step forward and be the solution. If you know the end goal and you know what makes it better then do it. Because if you don't you are forever condemned to a path of brambles or worse.

This soul is tired, achy, and hurting. It is your turn. I nor any other can make you change or do it all for you. You must begin to bring joy, happiness, and love into your own life. You must lift others up.

There are no excuses. Begin with the most simple thing if you are unsure. Sacrifice a apart of yourself. Step out and make change. Even if it is only you, you add a new voice to the chorus. You have made the world better.

I'm not here to condemn or judge. I'm here to make the world better in the way I can see to do so. You are most welcome to join me. But it has to be your choice. Do you become the change or do you continue to wait for it to come?

Life marches on but a life without love is a bitter existence. Please touch the world share the beauty that is you. Make it better. Paint it the colors of your soul. Maybe that vibrant rainbow will be the guide for many more. Maybe that investment of love will be the beacon of a new world.

Either way the choice to change is yours. Do so or do not. The time of the few or one is passing and we must be a chorus or be forever stuck in a mire.

Truth and love or deceptions and pain?

Love is Never Wrong!

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  1. Truth and love wins the day, any day over deceptions and pain, and hate.

    great post!!!