Monday, September 14, 2015

The Act of Forgiveness

As I touched on yesterday one of the most important things we must do when we have been hurt, for whatever reason, is to forgive. We strive to do this as much for us as for others. Holding on to pain and burdens only weighs us down in life and if to heavy a load it collapses upon us in a suffocating embrace.

Forgiveness is never easy. Some will tell you there is no forgiveness, as you control all emotions. I however can say I have no such mastery over all the things I feel. To be honest even the toughest can break. That makes us Human.

As Humans we must release all that pain and heartache. To do that we must forgive ourselves first. It's the step so many of us miss. We have to forgive our ignorance, innocence, lack of strength... The list is long. But it is a truth.

Even the deepest wounds must be forgiven in ourselves first. We are not perfect beings and if we make mistakes, don't spot danger, or can not fight off violence it is not our fault. As I said we are not perfect and should not attempt to hold ourselves as being such.

Almost as hard is forgiveness of others who have hurt us. The worse the pain, the more difficult to release. But we must. Pain is a horrible companion. It only devalues our lives. Trust me on this one I have had a life of it.

When you begin your search to forgive do so in love. Love yourself, seek the embrace of others who love, and finally express love by letting the hurt go. It may take time, you may need help, and you will need love. Never loose hope. Never doubt your value. And never, never forget love exists in and around you, even if you don't see it right away.

Forgiveness is a soul wrenching process. But it is also a liberation, a victory for love. There is no time table, no map, and no right or wrong. It is quite simply the triumph of love over pain and darkness.

As beings of love the final act of forgiveness is helping others. Being there for them. Being the strength to hold them up,  Be a road for them to find forgiveness. We should all be here for each other. We are all each other has.

Lift up a sullen face, caress with compassion, cry in sympathy, hug away the pain, and love. Love generously. Because, love is life.

Love is Never Wrong!

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