Friday, September 4, 2015

Religious Freedom

So much lately I have listened to the back and forth claim of religious freedom, right of conscious, and oppression. Public officials using their positions and voices to hurt others has become the norm.

I have never subscribed to the belief that any person may use their beliefs to hurt another. We as a people must hold each and every person to the same standard and equal treatment. If we do not we set a precedent that can build until whole sections of society are isolated, hurt, or even dead.

Somewhere along the way people have confused free speech and hate speech. You may disagree with someone or something. You may not agree with a persons life or choices. This however gives you no right to deny them their rights.

In a true representative and free society all are valued, all contribute, and all have a  voice equally. It is the foundation of truth, freedom, and respect. To remove any of that stains the hands of many with blood of the innocent.

Might I remind all who take the righteous path you are not God. Judgement is not yours. Persecution is not yours. Coming between any mans soul and God is the true abomination. Remember that when you deny any person respect, hospitality, and anything less than love.

To clerks who refuse to issue or sign marriage license': you are not performing the ceremony only filing a registered form.

To Politicians who wish to criminalize being LGBT: removing people to stack the cards more in your favor or garner favor is sign you can not win unless you devalue Humanity. Have the despots and dictators of the last century already fallen silent? How many more must hurt or die before you realize life is sacred?

To religious leaders who preach hate or even death: Be careful your path because you to shall be judged. Taking the mantle of god as your own is blasphemy. I hope your sure of yourselves.

To those who are apathetic: Be careful of your willful ignorance. Dark things done in the light of day will eventually reach you. Who will be there to help when it happens?

As a person of faith I know a lot about religious freedom. I also know the double standard many twist it to be. Everyone has the right to their beliefs. You do not have the right to deny others theirs. And in a world of many beliefs and faiths yours must be balanced equally. Doing so is the right thing in any religion. Because only in respect and dignity can divine truth shine.

Love is not a sin. Denying it is.

Love is Never Wrong!

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  1. I couldn't agree more. You hit the nail on the head, dead on perfect. Glad to see you posting again. I missed you!